Monday, January 2, 2012

Random memories from a broken hearted Aunt (by Diane Cummings)

Junior High School Prom
Amanda was over my house a lot these past few months, getting dresses from Ashley and asking her to do her hair and make up.  They would lay on Ashley's bed and talk about boys, and from the
kitchen i could here her laughing.  She would give our dog Lexie a hug, me a kiss and and yell "I love you" as she ran out the door with dress in hand delighted to going to party ....
Cece (mom), Me (Aunt Diane), Amanda and Uncle Keith
She was over during the summer to use the pool with her girlfriend, i didn't go back there to be the annoying Aunt, so I watched through the window to make sure they were OK, they were doing what 14 yr old do.laugh, joke, splash and the time she wasn't 15 yet, her birthday was just around the corner....
Amanda and her Mom
She came with us to see "Tri Bella" at the the Lizard Lounge, she had such a great time,
we took pics and laughed and of course she had Ash do her make up for that night....
How I am going to miss her...she was a bright shining light!
Aunt Annie, Amanda and Cousin Ashley
Her junior high school prom was in June..we all went to her house to see her in her dress again Ashley helped her get ready...her mother Cece was there along with her Aunt Annie and uncle Keith to remember and share ... Again she was happy and glowing, such a pleasure to see... 
I will miss you my love, my little angel up above, with all my heart and tons of love...
Love Always,
Your Aunt Diane


  1. My heart is very sorry.

  2. I am so moved by this. Amanda sounds like a precious little girl and like her mom said, she is now an angel looking over her. I will be happy when they can pass a law or something concerning bullying. This is so tragic. God bless the whole family and my prayers will be lifted up for you all. Love in Christ, Joyce C.

  3. Bullying is wrong. I mean, There are MILLIONS of people with this problem. I have the problem. People shouldn't make rude comments about others. Their only talking about themselves. They need to think of the person their speaking too, because... they have NO IDEA!! No idea how much it hurts that person being bullied. I support Anti-Bullying. Even though i dont know this girl, i would have walked up to her and given her a hug. She didnt deserve to be bullied. And not just her. EVERYONE who has been bullied does not deserve it. Im going to start an Anti-Bullying Facebook page now. Just to show the world that Bullying is wrong.

  4. Hey how about for the memory of Amanda(Amanda's Name) someone opens up a website where other teens who are bullied can go and talk to some one who can give them suggestions on how to stop the bullying it would be good instead of them doing something drastic o their lives.

  5. i pray for the day when there is justice for all the victims of bullying.god bless you all.

  6. I send my heartfelt sorrow to you and your family on the death of Amanda. As a retired Flagstaff teacher, I have realized how wonderful children are and seen what they become. With the suicide of a brother, I realize what the loss brings.

    How sorry I am about this tragedy.

    Regards to all.


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  7. As "Blondie" suggested in a prior post there should be a website for the victims of bullying. Just as important is some type of legislature protecting our children. I sincerely hope that your family has success in prosecuting these girls, they need to know that they are responsible for a beautiful young woman's life and for tearing apart a family.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. May she rest in peace.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss. This makes me sick. What a special girl she must have been and I pray this younger generation learns compassion.

  9. My name is Jill Moore. I live in Jemison, Alabama. I am so, so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter ! I unfortuanately understand exactly what you are going through. My 15 year old daughter Alex jumped to her death from an interstate overpass on May 12, 2010 because of bullies. I have been working to get an anti-bullying law passed here in Al. Our legislature has introduced the "Alex Moore Anti-Bullying Act" that I pray will pass in the next session. There is a facebook site called "Tears For Alex" if you are intrested. If you google Alex Moore Bullying you can find alot of stories about her. If I can be of any help to you or if you need to talk to someone that understands your pain, please contact me. You all have my thoughts and prayers.

  10. My prayers and thoughts with this precious girl's family and friends. It is so heartbreaking and words seem small in the face of such profound loss and pain. I hope you can find justice for Amanda. Know that her story has touched so many people throughout this country and we cry with you and for her.

  11. May God and His angels take care of you forever and if you ever visit this planet again in some form or another, sometime soon or later, that you watch over those like you who were tormented, alone, young teens and younger who need help but don't know where to go or what to do. My prayers are with you and your family.

  12. My heart goes out to the Cummings family - I to have a son that was bullied to the point he is now being homed-schooled and still suffers from the effects of the torment these bullies forced on him. A colliation needs to be formed to remove these bullies from our schools - these good hearted children should not be forced to endured this on a daily basis. Stay close to your children and defend them to the end when they endure this torture. Encourage them to talk about thier day each and every day, I always let Zachary know that I do love him and things will get better as people mature in life but what a sacrifice your family has to endure now. Reynolds family

  13. Amanda, you were the kind of student a teacher never forgets. You always had a captivating smile, a unique and quirky sense of style, and a warm and compassionate soul. Yes, you were surely different from some of the other kids. You had an innocence of spirit and a willingness to help those around you that was infectious. I can't imagine how much pain you must have been in, thanks to these cow...ardly, mean-spirited people who thrive on others' misery. Perhaps "the world was never meant for one as beautiful as you." I know that I, and all of my colleagues, will never be able to forget you. I hope that maybe your legacy will be to finally highlight the cost, in human life and suffering, of so many callous acts.
    Claire Edelstein
    Retired I.S. 2 Teacher/Librarian

  14. This is so so sad and tragic............ What a wonderful daughter she must have been and such an enchanting smile she had..... I once assisted a school mate who was constantly bullied in HS. I just couldn't handle the teasing and ridicule he constantly received from certain individuals. I was a good size guy and they eventually backed off. It is a horrible thing any child has to face, and shouldn't...

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  16. This is very tragic and should have never happened. Kids are extremely cruel now a days. I don't know if I am related to you all, but none the less... stay strong and my prayers are with you all!

  17. If you have a facebook page
    go to help stop bullying on fb and press like to help stop bullying

  18. Press like on facebook to "Help Stop The Bullying"