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Amanda, beloved daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend and animal lover...

Daughter (Amanda & Cece)
Aunt Amanda, nephew Gregory
Sisters (Amanda and Dawn)

Amanda Christmas 2011
Recently a tragedy has befallen on our family, my dear sweet fifteen year old cousin Amanda was hit by a bus only two days after Christmas. Among the many injuries she sustained, the most severe was 
that of her brain. Tragically after a week long struggle to survive, her body gave up its fight for life and has succumbed to the Graces of God. At a time when her mother should be planning a sweet sixteen, she must now face the difficulty of planning a funeral, for the child she may never hold again. While in her most desperate hour, Amanda’s mother has had to make the most difficult decision of all, whether to donate this young angel’s organs to save the life of another. Selflessly she agreed, with the hope that Amanda's death would not be in vein and that she might be able to save the life or lives of others.

being silly
What a burden to bear for any parent, the sudden death of their child weighs heavily on them emotionally and financially. An unexpected tragedy, left only with the whys and hows of trying to make sense of it all. As a family we are grieving, it’s unimaginable how we just spent a family Christmas celebration together; where she danced, sang and mingled among family, happy to be surrounded by the joy and love of it all. Now in just the blink of an eye, we will never hear the sweet sound of her voice or her gentle laughter nor see her precious smile, and never again will we be able to ring in the New Year with our dear child Amanda.

Loving friend
About Amanda…she was a beautiful, healthy, happy, normal young girl, with a sweet gentle side, a creative artist and writer, a gentle soul that touched every person who was lucky enough to have known her. Her little body housed enough love to fill the world; for people, nature and animals all the same. Her only wish of repayment, was to have the same love returned unto her. She was a fifteen year old dealing with the things normal fifteen year olds deal with, she loved Katy Perry, she squabbled with her friends, she went to school dances and football games, gave herself manicures and went to sweet sixteen’s, and all the other in-betweens. There are many stories that can be shared about how Amanda has touched our lives in some way.   

I’ll share two short stories of my own, but if you would like to share a story (and/or photos), please email me so I can enter it as a blog entry or you can post your comments below. (

Animal Lover (by Brandy Henderson)

Animal Lover

Amanda once showed me her gentler side with animals; she was all of about six or seven and as always excited to have company, she wanted to introduce me to the wild squirrels she called her pets. There were two, they lived among the trees outside her home, let’s call them Larry and Barry (since I am unable to remember the names she picked for them). Amanda saw the squirrels and ran in the house and grabbed a bag of chestnuts, returning a few moment later, they both walked directly up to her as she kneeled down on the ground and spoke to them gently “hello Larry, hello Barry” and the first squirrel came directly up to her, rested its paw on one of her hands, while with the other paw took a chestnut out of her other hand, she chimed and spoke to the other patiently waiting his turn “here you go Barry”. That was a gift; she was able to communicate even at such a young age with animals, and later on in life with her poems and writings.

Birthday Girl (by Brandy Henderson)
13th Birthday
Another most delightful memory I shared with Amanda, was the celebration of her thirteenth birthday. We went to Time Square, the heart of New York City. The joy and surprise, the delight in her eyes, of the big city, the excitement in the air, the tall skyscrapers and the lights the joy that radiated from within her, it was priceless. Thirteen is a milestone for a child, and I’m grateful I was able to be part of that day, and that I was given the opportunity to share it with her. She shared a dream that day, (among the many she had), that one day she wanted to live in Manhattan among all that excitement, it matched the free spirited, happy go lucky joyfulness that filled her soul. It was a gift to know her and to share in those moments. I love her and will miss her always, now she is the Angel watching over me and I am truly blessed.

As a family, we are coming together at this most difficult time to mourn Amanda's loss. We are donating funds to help cover the cost of her funeral arrangements and services. If you would like to contribute, please select the donation button at the top of this page. Otherwise, you may mail a check or money order payable to Keith Cummings (our uncle) at:

Keith Cummings
373 Naughton Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10305

Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated.

Beloved family

Created by one of Amanda's friends


  1. With my heart and soul,i am so very deeply sorry!if i can help in any way...please dont hesitate to ask. Jason colyandro/917-837-7577....(friend of jessica g)

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. I was and am still praying for Amanda. She in the arms of the Lord now and will forever be beautiful. She is watching over you all now and I'm sure she feels your love. Vow to live for her!! She will live forever in your hearts. God bless you all. With Love, Diana Lesizza

  3. Im so sorry for your loss i knew amanda very well and we were very close since i moved her and she was the first person i ever met she wa a sweet and loving girl and helped me through so much my heart is eith your family and if you ever need anything just message me on facebook its torii maturaa and if its possible id like to pay my respects to your daughter im so sorry for your loss my hearts with you<3

  4. I cant imagine the pain and grief this family must now endure. I am so very sorry for their ultimate loss. No parent should ever have to bury their child. RIP beautiful, young Amanda.

  5. I'm so sorry for the loss of Amanda and my heart goes out to all of her family, friends and to all who knew her. She sounds like a remarkable young lady. The reason I write in the present tense is, although we can't see her, she is still here with you. Such a wonderful person can only be a guardian angel to watch over all of God's creatures, both human and animals. May God Bless all of you with the strength to get through this most difficult time. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. I am a friend of Keith & Diane's. My heart goes out to you, the parents, I know the pain you are going through. I lost my 19 year old daughter in a car accident, 8 years ago. I know you don't believe it, but the pain & suffering you are feeling will lessen. Sorry to say but it will never go away completely. I miss my daughter everyday. But you will survive. If you ever need to talk I am here for you. Maybe I can help you through it. My name is Donna Perugini and my number is 917-750-1062

  7. I never knew Amanda, but a mutual friend of mine knew her and she seemed like such a beautiful soul. May God's grace take you through this horrible time. She is in the arms of angels, I'm here if you need anything.

  8. Amanda was an amazing girl with such a giviing heart, I will miss her smiling face her laugher, her funny stories and her silly self. Most of all I will miss her essence of life. Heaven has a new ANGEL and although so many hearts will never be whole again one day we will see your sunny smile again so until that comes it's never goodbye just see ya later... love you girlie xoxooo Love Always Michelle <3

  9. Hi i didn't know Amanda that well. She went to I.S.2 with me but we were in different academies. But every now and them she would say hi to me at school or comment on a status or just like my status. i though she was a kind soul no one was as nice as her to me. i wish we were friends or something before this, i was just shy to talk to her. i am just so shocked that this would happen to a girl as nice and sweet as her. My heart goes out to her family. i donated some money, i'm hoping to get more before The Funeral. Please email me if you need anything

  10. I'm from Canada and want to offer my condolences to the family.This disgusting epidemic has got to be seriously addressed by politicians at all levels of government in the U.S.A as well as other countries.These cowards have to be brought to justice.


  12. I am so sorry for your loss. She was so beautiful. I hope that anyone who said even the smallest bad thing about her gets what they deserve. I am sad to keep waking up to see tragic losses such as yours on my computer. I wish we could make it all stop and have these bully be held accountable before another life is taken. May you all find your paths after this sorrow.

  13. My sister took her own life when she was 12, I was 6. Even over 20 years later I see girls dying from bully's and it hurts. Here is a poem that was read at her funeral

    I am free

    Don't grieve for me, for now I am free
    I'm following the path that God laid me
    I took his hand when I heard his call
    I turned my back I left it all.
    I could not stay another day
    to laugh to love, to work or play.
    Tasks left undone must stay that way
    I found my peace at close of day.
    And if my parting has left a void
    then fill it with remembered joy.
    A friendship shared a laugh a kiss
    Ah, yes these things I too will miss.
    Be not burdened with times of sorrow
    I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow
    My life's been full, I've savored much
    good friends good times a loved ones touch perhaps my times seemed all to brief don't lengthen it now with undo grief
    lift up your hearts and share with me,
    God wanted me now and he set me free.

  14. I am deeply sorry for your loss. May gods love be bestowed upon your family, and guide you through this difficult time.

    To the culprits, may god have mercy on your souls, because the law wont! Get ready to face a harsh reality! Justice will prevail!!

  15. I read of your sorrow here in Oklahoma and though I do not know you or your beloved cousin I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. My daughter is going though the same emotions as her best friend killed himself 3 weeks ago and I see her pain on a daily basis. That Amanda was loved is so evident in your words. May you find peace in the times to come.

  16. I did not know Amanda. I just saw the article online and it on the news. As someone who was horribly bullied in school, I know what that's like and I'm 24 now and it still affects me to this day. This should not happen to any kid and I hope these kids get in trouble and the school as well if they knew and didn't do anything... but most of all, Please believe even now she is helping kids all around the world and is going to want to make kids stand up and fight in her name. This is a story that needs to be told

  17. First: To the family of this fallen angel, my sympathies and condolences are with you as is my prayers.

    OK: here is another instance of " oh we should have done something " but once again ANOTHER death brings the headlines but her life NOTHING. Another innocent soul begging for help, and THEY could care less. But oh she dies the whole freaking world wakes up? BULLSHIT! sorry, we NEED to PREVENT this from happening before it results in this. TIRED of all the sympathy for the dead and NONE for the LIVING! Just look at the poor girl on twitter 144 tweets begging for help, NOT ONE RESPONSE. She takes her life, the world suddenly remembers the tweets. The media stands on their backs because live children DO NOT bring headlines. D/A's, cops, politicians, always ready to step to the MIKE and give their BS speech of what they are going to do for the dead child, BUT, why not doing something for the child while they are still alive? SICK of it!

    I have a right to be sick of it as I am dealing with it myself, 8 years! My daughters live in a house of horrors, and I have contacted the media, (daily news) (New York Times) (Huffington Post) my local D/A and nothing. THEY DON'T CARE. The system as a whole doesn't care about live children! Only dead ones make them step to the microphone. Honestly, when here in NYS have you ever heard of someone saying " we have saved this child from this or that, their abusers "? NEVER! its always and ONLY when a child is dead you hear from these phonies!(sorry).

    Here we have another child, beautiful, intelligent, kind, creative, visionary, struck down by the IGNORER'S the FAKE sympathy givers, disgusting.

    Here is a thought, you want to stop bullying? EASY, pass a FEDERAL law that says this " if you are the parent of child that is bullying another child, guess what? YOU go to jail, YOU pay the fines, YOU can be sued for their deaths, YOU will be held accountable. Make it a FELONY to bully a child PERIOD. MANDATORY jail sentence for the bullyer's 6 months, so they will know what its like to be bullied by there fellow inmates. Do that and all this bullying will STOP dead. But hey I am just some new jack with a NEW idea which will never see the light of day, because the same MORONS making policy, FAILED policy, will be there again to make the same FAILED policies over and over and over again.

    In summation: ALL these laws that never were until the SACRIFICE of some poor CHILD! brought it about with their life, should have BEEN a LAW already. The Leandra Law, The Amber Alert, should have ALREADY been in place. Maybe now on the back of this CHILD another law will come out of it, a law that should already be.


    PS: To the parents of this child, I would find out who the parents are of these girls and file a BILLION DOLLAR law suit against them for your loss, a BILLION DOLLARS for each parent. The girls in question should be charged IMMEDIATELY with (criminally negligent homicide) track the IP addresses of those that blogged on her facebook page while she lay in the hospital THEY are your bullies. As their actions facilitated this poor CHILD'S death. God bless you.

  18. WE need to have UNDERCOVER cops (cops that look like children) like 21 jump street? in ALL schools so they can (record) and (identify) bullies that are committing these crimes, then bring them to JUSTICE. Bullying can stop its just the policies you bring about to stop it must be done to END this crime and not just heal it when it happens. Policies & Laws that will send a CLEAR CUT MESSAGE to the bullies and their parents, " WE THE PEOPLE " will NOT tolerate this behavior anymore! & if you bully a child, that is your ASS period. It will stop cold you will see. trk387

  19. RIP peace Amanda I hear heaven was in need of some ANGELS and God accepted your application. trk387

  20. If anyone wants to debate me on what I said here? You can find me here I don't hide and I STAND behind everything I say!

  21. Its been about 15 years since I saw Amanda. My Mom watch my Sister new born and my first son altogether so we could work. It was a fast moving time for all of us. I have since moved away from Staten Island but heard about this horrible tragedy. To Cecil and Dawn I want you to know our family prays for God to reach down and hold you. I am sure there is very little I can say that can do any good but I wanted you to know we care and are praying for you.

  22. I am so sorry to hear that. Those bullies are jerks. I also lost a family member to bullies. He was my older brother. I hope people will realize how bad bullying is. I made a blog a while ago on how to stop bullying, please everyone take a look at it. Together we can stop bullies.

  23. Cece we are all very sorry for your loss, if there is anything we can do we are here for you and your family!

  24. Our sincerest condolences to Amanda's Family. No words can ever ease your pain. We hope there is some solace in knowing that many people, many families are here for all of you.
    In her last days Amanda most likely gave the gift of hope and life to others that she probably never knew or met. That act of selfish kindness shows that she was a better person then those whose cruel and vicious behavior contributed to her agony.
    Your Family remains in our thoughts!!
    Michael n Lauren

  25. My heart is broken for this beautiful girl and family...this is something I wrote when I lost someone I loved...may it give you comfort..even in the smallest of ways...

    My forever was taken away….

    How do I begin to describe
    Who you are to me .. when I can only see you
    in my dreams

    How do I begin to describe what you mean to me…
    When I can no longer feel your embrace

    How do I begin to describe what I am without you

    There is a silence that pervades my heart
    It has replaced you ...a stranger
    In my home

    There are moments I find myself afraid to look
    Because I need to learn to see again
    Without your eyes seeing mine..

    I need to learn how to hear again
    Without your voice…
    that echos in the emptiness my heart …

    I need to learn to breath again
    Without your breath in my life....

    It is only in my prayers I find comfort
    As each thought brings me closer to you

    I want you to know
    On that day I lost you… my forever was taken away
    But not before you touched my heart
    So deeply….
    And caressed my soul so gently…

    And I know…… there will come a day ………
    When my savior ......will carry me…
    to you…. my love.

    Rest in Peace Amanda..we will carry your memory forward...

    George S Anthony:

  26. I wish I could bring this beautiful kid back to her family. My condolences.

  27. To the family and friends of Amanda Cummings...this is truly awful news for everyone…I'm a father of 13 and 15 yr old boys...15yr old played against New Drop High School in football earlier this year...I’ve told them to never go with the bully…I’m a standup comic, so I told them if a guy is being funny that’s one thing but if their being hurtful then don’t hang with those people…the loss of this beautiful young girl is killing me right now..I want all of the ones who bullied Amanda to be revealed....I want their parents held responsible for their kids actions...the school has to be held accountable as well...we all know who the bullies are...I know them...You know them...their sitting right next to you in school…their behind you in the next office...they've bullied your friends in front of you and you laughed nervously not realizing the pain their causing....the kids who are physically or mentally bullying people are weak individuals who have been abused by a parent and its not completely their fault...a parent knows when their child is a bully especially if they themselves were a bully...

    Why are we allowing this to happen? We're stronger than the bully...we out number the bully....I ask all of you to go to your schools officials and demand that all bullying be addressed and stopped TODAY...don't go to school until its resolved...stand up for your friends who are being bullied..this is how you define your young stops here and now...Amanda should represent the last time we as a society stand for bullying of any kind.....and to the bully and parents of bully’s, stop the abuse now...your time has come and its time to amend…we refuse to lose another child to death or despair…

  28. Im so very sorry for your loss. im the mother of a 14 yr old girl who is struggling to find her voice at school. she is picked on and doesn't have many friends. I worry about her alot, i hope that she can remain strong. I cant imagine the pain your in.

    As a side note, to the bullies. Pray for them as well. Most are just simply kids who are "lost" and not sure of who they are either. They need help and intervention as well. Im not saying they should go unpunished.. no way. But to suggest a federal law for all bullies is unrealistic. Parents do make mistakes, and so to suggest that if a child decides to make a life altering decision that the parent goes to jail is ludicrous for most situations. There are SOOOOOOO many variables to why things happen. its not that cut and dry. I have a son who has behavioral issues. he is compulsive in nature but has the heart of a saint. He in no way would ever intend to cause harm to someone, but what if one day after a series of triggering events occurred and he lost focus. although he has been loved and nurtured and taking care of by two loving parents who have done everything in their power to encourage the best behavior and punish the negative, something bad was to happen. I should go to jail.. depriving my other children of the parental guidance.. Really? what good is to come of that either. Im just saying parents are human too. and Yes there are clear cases of negligence by parents , but not in all cases.

    I just feel awful for everyone! its so sad.. and i pray for all involved.

    God Bless this precious family.

  29. I just picked this story on the AM New York and I don't know what to feel. Don't know this family at all, but this story is the same everywhere. When would the world learn to leave at peace? I see it all the time they bully you because you ugly, they bully you because you look good, they bully you because you are black, because you are white.
    For their own insecurities someone is dead today. This is not the way this family wanted to start new year and I just saw the posting asking for donations. Amanda knew she didn't have life insurance and this would be a financial burden for her family but. I want all parents to look at this as an example. Probably your teenage child is a bully, or probably the victim. STOP THE BULLIES parents this starts with you.

  30. I am heartbroken at your loss of such an amazing, lovely young lady. I truly wish to express my deepest sympathy, and hope you can find some peace and comfort at this incredibly difficult time. Bless her soul, may she live forever in your hearts and memories. From California, prayers and love. Teresa

  31. So sad to hear of this, TOO many children are dying for nothing. Amanda was a beautiful child of God. I pray for your family to heal from this. Love to your family.


  32. I am so very, very sorry for your loss. A beautiful, beautiful girl inside and out. This is a horrible tragedy and I pray for the family's strength and comfort. My heart goes out to you all, to Amanda and to teens like her who feel this is the only way out of a bullying situation. I am so sorry.

  33. So very sorry for your loss...she sounds like an angel...and very much like me when I was young, loving animals, teased by others. But in the 1960s, nobody seemed to want to harm themselves, like we hear about these days? The social media seems to make it too easy to ruin lives. My prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.

  34. This makes my blood boil that kids can get away with bullying and torturing others. Amanda is a very beautiful girl and as I sit here reading this even thought I didn't know this beautiful young lady, my heart bleeds and the tears fall. I have two young 14 yr old granddaughters and I know for sure that one of them experinences the same kind of bullying and I sit down and talk to her every week. I am so very sorry for your loss.May God keep her soul in the palm of His hands. God bless you.

  35. I'm so sorry for your loss. We'll be praying for your family here in Michigan.

  36. God Bless your family! Such a beautiful daugher, sister, cousin and best friend. Our thoughts, hearts and prayers are being sent to all of you. To give you strength and love. Your beautiful daughter Amanda will NOT be
    From a mom and dad of a 12yr old daughter, 20yr old son,
    The Lilley's-Oregon

  37. I just heard about this and got sick to my stomach. She was a beautiful girl, and there was no reason for her to die. I am 26 years old and I remember being bullied in school, but it was never to the extent where I wanted to die. This poor girl did nothing to deserve that kind of torment, and she deserves to be living there rest of her life, and those who added to this girls distress deserve to be punished. Even when she was in the hospital fighting for her life she got horrible comments on her facebook, and those people should feel shame and guilt. I am not a religious man, but I will be praying for your family, and that action gets taken against those who tormented this poor girl.

  38. Such a tragedy. May God provide you with strength during this very difficult time. As a parent who struggled to support my son who was bullied. I can only imagine what your family is coping with at this time. With all the information out there, why are we having difficulty getting a handle on this? Adults, in trusted to watch our children have to address the behaviors they observe or choose to ignore everyday. Electronic media is one thing but the constant assault our children experience in the hallways, lunchrooms, locker rooms and gymnasiums can be and should be addressed. My thought are with you ALL!

  39. I am sorry terribly sorry for your loss and just heartbroken to read about this tragedy. She was a beautiful, lovely girl. I don't know quite what to say, but I do pray for your family and for Amanda. I hope you can find some solace and I sincerely hope justice can be served.

  40. So very saddened by the senseless death of a beautiful young girl! My heart goes out to her family, friends and loved ones!

  41. "She grew so lonely in the end, the angels took her as their friend"
    May God hold you Dear Sweet Amanda in his hands forever more. May your tortured pain now be replaced with peace and gentle love from above. May your family and friends somehow bear the loss of such a beautiful angel by remembering all the love and happiness you brought to this world in your very short life. RIP Baby Girl...RIP....

  42. im so sorry for your loss... it pains me to see these things on the news, teenagers dieing over being bullied and break ups. i dont no this girl but ide fight till my breaking point for anyone being bullied out there. im only 19 but ive been bullied.. i no the feeling. but everyone needs to no that there IS help out there. ppl like me and others willl HELP. my heart goes out to everyone mourning. i find mysself coming to tears with remourse for you. god bless and no that today theres one more person praying for you.

  43. I am totally stunned to read about another teen being bullied to the point of causing them to feel they had to end their life. This makes me sick to think that anyone would not only bully someone to this extent, but then make remarks on her facebook page afterwards. PARENTS, you are as much to blame as your kids that do the bullying. Get a grip on your kids, get involved in their business, they have no right to run amuck without any supervision. It is your business to get into their business and know what is going on. Get your head out of the sand and be a parent. How many kids must die from this senseless abuse? What kind of kid bullies someone to the point of suicide? I don't want them around my kids or grandkids.
    To the family of Amanda, I am so very sorry you have to endure such a horrible thing as losing your baby girl. I do not know how I would handle such an ordeal if it were my child. I hope and pray you find some peace for your family, and those that were involved are brought to justice.

  44. this is a beautiful, memorial page, r.i.p. amananda

  45. she's beautiful and i pray for healing in your family with the lose of this amazing girl.

  46. So very sorry for your loss. Words fail at times like these.

  47. Our hearts go out to your and your family at such a tragic time. What a beautiful sensitive young girl, so full of hope and promise. Our prayers are with you all.

  48. The old saying, "Kids can be cruel" is an understatement these days. The social networks allow such cruelties to be amplified with devastating results. My heart goes out to the family and to all who truly were friends of this adorable young person. This needs to change.

  49. Didn't anyone in her family see this coming? & The children that bullied her should be punished or a law should be passed punishing kids that bully because this is what happens.

  50. My whole body aches for you as a family, as a mom, of three i can't even grasp your pain. I'm 44 and it seems to me something has really gone wrong with society, when i was young there were "bullies" but friends helped you out, teachers, or big brothers stepped in ...i never recall anyone taking their life when i was in school, when my 24 year old daughter was a freshman 3 suicides occured during the first semester, 3? its unacceptable, teachers, deans, concelors,other kids parents need to get involved and talk to our precious babies and tell them,this is such a small period of time in the big picture of life, i look back and it was a blink of the eye, I wish she could have had a teacher or fried tell her this. I'm sorry my post is sad, im crying as i type, she was a beautiful girl, seems to mean the perfect daughter. I hope her school helps other kids in her name...and i feel to add, make peace in your head with the bullies , they will have to live with this as well for the rest of their lives, they wont forget, i promise. God i pray will hold you tight during this time, as well as Amanda shinning down on you.

  51. SOrry for ur loss hope unbelievable how dere can be such cruel ppl out dere to think dere are kids this cruel is just so incredible but hope u take legal action because this is just another heartbreakin story of bullying.. Beautiful young girl looks very smart.. once again sorry for ur loss and hope justice is made. she's off to a better peaceful place now may she rest in peace.

  52. What a beautiful young lady. Prayers for you all.

  53. I'm sorry that your worst fear has happened. My own 13 year old daughter was bullied on Facebook and she doesn't even have an account. The perpetrator, a classmate, went into my account, appropriated a picture of her and then photoshopped it in an ugly and offensive way and sent it out. The internet has allowed bullying to expand in such a way that even home is no longer a haven.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you now and always....because this pain gets less sharp but never goes away.

  54. My heart breaks for this beautiful girl and her family. Things like this should never, never happen. The people responsible must be accountable. What happened here is crime.

    Prayers to you all.

  55. I'm so sorry for you loss. Amanda looked like a beautiful human being. Its sad it came to this. My thoughts and prayers are withh you at this difficult time.

  56. This just broke my heart, I have daughters the same age and one has been bullied. My heart goes out to all friends and family and I hope those who bullied get everything they deserve in this life and the next.

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  59. Amanda is in my prayers and mind as you journey through this tough time, but, remember she can watch over you now.

  60. To Amanda's family: Nothing I can say will make any of this less a reality or make anything better, but I want to express my deepest condolences for your family. I did not personally know Amanda but she was a friend of a friend of my younger sister and from what I've been hearing, she is an extraordinary young woman who did not deserve this at all. She touched many lives in such special ways. Although she is physically gone, she will always be in our hearts and our minds.
    As a former victim of bullying, I know how hard it is to keep your head up and maintain a positive attitude and outlook on life, all while immature, selfish, insecure, nasty, demeaning girls who feel better about themselves by putting other girls down, continue to push you down to the ground. Unfortunately, this is an example of society killing another teenager. Something that should never have happened. I hope that every person who drove Amanda to this extreme is haunted for the rest of their lives. She deserved so much more than this!

    My heart goes out to your entire family and everyone whom Amanda has come in contact to. Once again, my deepest, deepest condolences to all of you. There's a song that my friend Dominic wrote when a close friend of mine passed away & I'd like to share a verse of it with you:

    "It's just so sad to see another kid become an angel before she had to be. Its sad, but this is life, sometimes it isn't fair and God will always take the ones we love and we will never understand why, thinking God's intentions were bad, screaming at the sky, saying why couldn't she get a second chance? But then you think about the good times you had with that person and you cry and you laugh, reminiscing about the past when your loved one was here. It leaves a pain in your chest like your heart has been stabbed.."

    To Amanda: You have touched so many hearts, leaving an impression that nobody can take away or ever forget. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out, truly amazing and I wish with everything I have you were still here. You didn't deserve this. I learned a long time ago that when God needs an angel, he only takes the best; Well, its true. You are the best! Even though God took you away from everyone who loves you, now, you are in a place where pain and suffering don't exist, and we are at peace with that. Please watch over everyone, especially tomorrow. You are so unconditionally loved by so many people, its beautiful. Rest in Paradise, Sweet Girl.. In my heart and everyone else's, always and forever.. <3

    Please, if you need anything at all, I am willing to help .. Stay Strong!

  61. I don't know this girl but i feel horrible. I am 16, and i can't imagine losing someone around this age or my mom losing me.. Rest in Peace Amanda <3

    -Tayy :)

  62. To Amanda's family..
    I'm so sad and sorry that you're yet another family that has to bury their child because of the lack of morals and respect parents don't instill in their children. This is NOT okay, and I hope her Uncle follows through and presses charges, someone needs to be made an example of. There are no words to comfort you at this time, but please know there are people you've never met that feel for you, and want you to know WE CARE!! Amanda, what a beautiful girl you are...

  63. Amanda is a gorgeous girl. Far prettier than any of the idiots that caused her grief. The ones responsible for bullying and posting anything negative on her facebook page should be reported and made responsible for their actions. And if karma has anything to do with it, they will get theirs!

  64. When I first heard about Amanda and what has happened, my heart broke. While the technology we have today allows us to communicate w/ people all over the world in an instant, it seems that many have lost the sense of humanity that is essential to living a life of quality.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and to Amanda. She's in God's hands now and He has wrapped her in His loving embrace.

  65. I feel very sad about this tragedy. I pray that Amanda's family is somehow able to find the strength to cope as best as is possible.

  66. I am so sorry for your loss! she was a beautiful girl and it should not have been like this. To only turn back the clock, give her a hug and say it will be ok. Also from a almost 16 year Heart Transplant Recipient transplanted at the age of 29 Thank you for making the decision of using this tragedy to save others! not a day goes by that I do not look to the skies and thank my donor for letting me still be here.

  67. While reading the article about Amanda on AOL, my heart sunk and I was brought to tears that this beautiful girl felt like death was the only way out. There have been TV shows about bullying, articles, and talk shows and yet, the bullying goes on. It sickens me that these kids can be so cruel and get away with it.

    I don't get it. Animal abusers get punished, child abusers and wife beaters, etc. get punished, so why aren't we punishing these kids who bully others? Isn't bullying also a type of abuse?

    I say go ahead and seek legal action. It won't bring back Amanda but maybe it will tell these bullies that we won't tolerate it anymore.

    Our prayers are with you and your family at this time of loss. And may those who did the bullying be accountable for their sins against Amanda.

  68. i'm a senior in highschool, a very small highschool (around 800 kids), but the bullying i see daily sickens me.. i have always been one to friend the "underdogs" & the kids that do get picked on. it is just not acceptable. every human life is precious. amanda was a beautiful young lady.. i was bullied back in elementary school & am very sensitive myself. there were times even at an extremely young age that i wanted to die, but i've held on & i got to see that IT GETS BETTER. suicide is not the answer & it's so sad that amanda didn't get to realize that.. to the people who bullied her, SHAME... you have to live with the guilt of your actions for the rest of your lives... i hope you feel the pain amanda felt.. sleep sweet beautiful girl.. you're in heaven with Jesus now...

  69. The day that we cease to act upon kindness and compassion is the day we forsake our humanity. May her spirit soar through the skies upon soft and gentle wings and may her heart be filled with love and peace that her inhumane schoolmates denied her. My respects young poet and peace be with you in Heaven.

  70. I am so sorry for your lost. She is a beautiful angel. Bullies need to be stopped. School's need to get more involved and so do the parent's of the bullies. My prayer's go out to you & your family. May she RIP

  71. Hello. I used to be a school bus driver. I cannot imagine what the driver who hit your precious girl must be feeling right now.

    The scars that driver will carry are forever just as the wounds you carry at Amanda's loss are forever. I hope you have reached out to the driver and offered him/her solace for he/she is grieving/shattered too.

  72. Although I didn't know Amanda I am so sorry for your loss. No one should have to suffer at the hands of a bully. I hope the kids that did this will be punished to the fullest extent. Although they have to live with what they did forever.
    Not that it makes it any easier but she is no longer in pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I will light a candle in her memory.

  73. Don't wait until bullying affects your life before you stand up against it. Be active.

    Adults: Be open sources of safety for these kids. Be smart, do not defend them in ways that will only provide temp solutions and may cause further harm. Advocate, petition, and raise a general storm with school administrators where you know a teen is being bullied.

    Teens: Tell an ADULT about issues at your school. If you aren't sure who to tell get on Facebook or Twitter and ask. Make a fake account if need be but MAKE ADULTS AWARE. You can report anonymously, give situations and the school where they happened, contact info, but not your name if you don't feel safe doing so.

    Who am I? No one, but I've never been bullied or lost someone close to me because of it. I was the kid who stood up for others being bullied; 25 years later, I'd still stand up for every last one of them. I will.

    Pro-Advocate, before its too late for another angel like Amanda. Do it for her, its the least you can do in her honor if you really cared about the girl in this story. I know I will.

  74. To Amanda's Uncle: Please go after these bullies. I have two beautiful nieces and it's so amazing how much they hate them 4 their personalities and looks. I can't say that I don't hold hate in my heart right at this moment because it pains me to know that Amanda died with a broken heart and the feeling of being so lost in the abuse of bullies. R.I.P. Amanda.

  75. "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." It breaks my heart to hear this story, I will pray for her and your family, the poor bus driver, and the heartless bullies. May she rest in eternal, heavenly peace.


  77. My prayers are with you and your family, and all affected. This is a tragedy. I don't know you at all, but can empathize with your pain. If it is any solace, this will move people into action to get more involved into activities to prevent this type of behavior in the future. Godspeed and peace and comfort be with your family. Brad Stroia

  78. Oh Amanda, I don't know you but as a mother of 3 I wish I did. I speak with my kids about this stuff all the time and so do my family and friends. They say it takes a village to raise a child and maybe someone could have spoken to you and tell you how beautiful and precious life is. I am sure your family loves you tremendously and I am so sorry for all their loss.
    I hope the bullies are punished.

  79. im very sorry for this young lady
    and her family this should never
    happen to anyone.

  80. I'm so sad to hear of Amanda's pain and what resulted from it. Reading her story keeps tears fresh. The anger you hold is on point with regards to people hurting others for what they think is a moment of fun. Hurting others is not funny at anytime. Their laughs are without soul. They are empty shells.

  81. As a victim of bullying, sexual abuse, the mental torment of being inferior, alone and without hope, I had to reinvent myself in a new location to survive- something that couldn't erase the 19 years of hell. I determined not to be cruel and not to tolerate it. I have grown to understand the anguish could have produced this same result for me, yet somehow did not.
    I would offer those who should have seen it did not; those that could see it would not. When your denied the connection to society you can simply become invisable in the confused reality of the social scene of the moment. One learns to hide the pain, the scent of which draws the wolf pack into a frenzy sensing the blood from the hurt.
    I am so sorry for your loss, and offer my own experience with death in that there was a painless, warm and comfortable time prior to being brought back; it is my hope that she now is empowered and comfortable in such a place. If I were a better person I would do more. It takes a lot of energy to stay afloat, I think more now than in my day, and the rain pours down. It's OK to punish those who abuse others by denying them opportunities in society. There are lines which Bullies should not cross, everything is not OK just because they wish it so. I learned to set limits and make a personal commitment to shun bullies and agressive behaviors. Without the fuel of approval the bullies moderate.
    My deepest sympathy in your loss of this seemingly intelligent, talented and atractive young girl, she and her story affect me tremendously.

  82. There are no words anyone could possibly say that could ease your pain. She is such a beautiful child and because of your gracious gift of life to others maybe somehow makes sense of her short life God had in store for Her. God Bless You, and all who loved Her.

  83. This is absolutely horrible...I have seen so much about people being bullied lately and it truly makes me sad. This story really touched me because I could completely picture what happened. I used to live in Staten Island and still visit and I know pretty much exactly where this happened. There are absolutely no words that I or anyone could say to make this grieving process easier or quicker. I want to offer my help in anyway possible. Sadly I am not in a position to offer any financial help but anything else that is needed...I will try my best. I was in her position once, I was bullied a lot in high school and was extremely passive about it but had those feelings of wanting to quit, I am not sure why but I didn't give in to them. I see and hear about kids everyday that are in my old position and I wish there was something I can do because no one should be put through that so again I offer what ever help is in my power to do.

  84. I extend my sympathy for the loss of your beautiful Amanda, daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend. At a time when so many young people are suffering needlessly, your blog is ministering to them in a special way. Unfortunately, it doesn't come without pain and sorrow for you, however a life may be spared because of the hope and faith that resonates in so many comments from the survivors of horrific acts of bullying. Thank you too for donating Amanda's organs. How wonderful for the recipients and their families. As so many others are also doing, I will pray for all of you. Mich

  85. I send all my sympathy for the loss of Amanda. I thank you for opening up a blog and sharing her tragic story with all of us. As I read the story I sat here and cried, because these children reach out for help while being bullied but they some how don't get what they need. I will keep you all in my prayer and I hope that justice will be served in Amanda's name. God bless you!

  86. I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter. After reading about her, it seems like she has a lot in common with my 12-year-old daughter, who also was the victim of bullying. My daughter ended up being hospitalized due to the emotional stress that it caused. She's recovering well but I still worry about her future, especially when I read stories like this. Amanda was obviously a kind, gentle soul, with a lot of love to give. She's with God now. And kudos to you for donating her organs; you've saved lives in Amanda's memory.

  87. My deepest condolences to Amanda's family. I can only imagine what this family must be going through to know that her pain and death was due to senseless and cruel behavior from others. My prayers and thoughts are with the family. She was a beautiful young lady. I hope the family will be able to seek some amount of justice on Amanda's behalf. Bullying is becoming a growing problem in communities all over. The bullies and/or the adults who allow it should be compelled to take some responsibility not only in their actions but in the deaths caused by their actions. There should be more support for the children who are bullied.

    Isaiah 25:8, Rev. 21:4

    my regards....Sabrena

  88. Thank you very much for sharing the life of this gorgeous angel. I see my daughter Melanie in Amanda's eyes. I hope that something good can come of this tragedy. That all of us can be aware and do something to stop bullying which is hurting so many young souls in this country and all over the world. may the good Lord bless you and your family.

  89. My Prayers are with you at this sad time in your life. A beautiful soul lost to unneccesary bullying. I am fighting right now for my 8 yr old son whom gets bullied and I will not tolerate this. As parents we have to find a way to stop the bullying. Your beautiful girl is now in the hands of the Lord, were she is safe from anymore harm.

  90. She was absolutely beautiful. The world cannot afford to lose any more sweet and gentle souls. I hope you will pursue legal action on behalf of her and others. Suing seems to be the only thing the schools and parents respond to. Parents need to be held accountable for the uncompassionate, souless offspring they unleash on the world. The schools need to put measures in place that assures a child of a safe environment. Until this is done, the court system stands as the only measure of justice these children will receive. Hold them accountable for their callous actions. You are in our prayers.

  91. I am sickened again to hear of your beautiful sweet Amanda's story...yet again,another horrible,awful thing to of happened. I have lost a young daughter myself,may yours comfort you as I have been by our daughter.I hope the people responsible will TOTALLY GET WHAT THEY DESERVE ! My heart is just aching for you,praying for you and your family xoxoxo

  92. So sad, sorry for your loss. Yesterday was my birthday and this news really let me down.
    Such a beautiful girl. Wish I could have somehow stopper her from such a horrible mistake.

  93. My sorrow at this time, is as yours...boundless. Beauty is admired, but unfortunately, it is more often than not, envied. It is that alone, that may have taken her away from you and a world that may never learn to appreciate beauty for what it is esp. in those that feel devoid of such and therefore seek to destroy that which they themselves may never possess. If the guilty parties are in possession of a conscience, it will only increase with age and a mind without peace is a hell all its own. The universal law is that whatever you give out is exactly what is returned to you. There is a greater punishment than that which is given out by man! Woe to those who experience that comeuppance! skylark914

  94. To Amanda's family and friends,
    There are no words that can erase your pain and suffering..but I wanted to let you know after reading this story, my <3 is so heavy with sadness. What a precious, BEAUTIFUL young life lost..BUT how courageous you are for donating her organs, so she may save others and give LIFE! Her tragic death is not in vain. Her gifts continue on..and those that think they bullying her..LOST! They will never ever be ANYTHING near Amanda's class in beauty, grace, and even leaving a legacy that was like Amanda in life... a giving, loving, selfless young woman and one full of solid character. Sweet Amanda, suffer no more and know you can rest now. Justice will be served on earth and in the hereafter.

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  96. Hearing that the soulless girls from her school who had been bullying her posted cruel posts on her FB account as she lay in critical condition was shocking and unfathomable. I couldn't imagine how on earth anyone could be so cruel. The ONLY thing i can come up with that nowhere near explains it is that they were jealous of her beauty. She's a stunning girl. They must've felt insecure around her and their self hatred was projected onto her. I hope they go through life remembering that their words and actions and cruelty caused a girl to end her own life. Torment is what goes on in hell, not something that should be done by young girls. I think that what they did was evil.

    I delete the first comment to remove my picture but it didn't work. Could the owner remove it for me please? Thanks.

  97. Please accept my deepest condolences. As one who has experienced and witnessed bullying (including cyber-bullying) I know how deeply it can hurt. Laws that protect the "freedom" to speak should not protect abuses of that freedom.

    Dear Amanda-I'm so sorry they hurt you so--rest in peace child. To Amanda's family and loved ones--you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  98. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know she's in a better place now, where she will stay an angel on your side.

    I feel for teens who go through this type of emotional battle. I, too, was bullied constantly since I was a child. It's a very hard life to live, and it still remains hard, but you take one day at a time. Unfortunately, she didn't see her next day forward, but may she rest in peace.

    I pray for your family, and I hope that these bullies see justice!

    New Orleans, LA

  99. I pray you go to God to be comforted. I don't know how else one can make it through such a painful time. He will comfort you! If you know Jesus seek Him. If you do not know Jesus seek to know Him and He will bring comfort beyond comprehension. God bless you all as you grieve the loss of this beautiful child! I can't imagine what you're going through as I have been crying for the last half hour as I have been reading about the bullying of this young precious girl and reading the dedicated page. I don't even know her or the family; never the less my heart aches for your loss. I pray for peace, comfort and healing. And I pray for justice.

  100. Hello, Cummings family.

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Though I never met Amanda, I hadn't even heard her name before I read a news article, it seems like she was a great person. Humans are cruel creatures sometimes.

    My heart is aching right now, for what she went through (I was a victim of bullying in my past) and for what your family is going through during all this. I hope your family receives the justice and closure it deserves. Because you all deserve so much better than this.

    Rest in peace, Amanda. Rest in peace.

    My deepest condolences.

  101. rest in peace sweet girl - you did not deserve this end to your beautiful life. I wish there was someone you could have gone to that could have helped you. You had such a loving family, they would have helped but for some reason you thought this was your only way out. I hope and pray that your uncle does what he says and goes after the people that pushed you this far. We have lost too many of you beautiful children to the hand of bullies and they need to be stopped and punished hard for what they have taken away from families like yours. You will forever be remembered for all the beautiful memories they have of you. You are in the arms of God and no one can hurt you anymore. Play, laugh, sing and fly. Sending love from Wisconsin

  102. I don't even know her and i cryed. R.I.P. My prayers are out to the family and friends

  103. I'm at a loss for words...So so sad! I am so sorry for her families loss...We as parents need to band together and put a stop to bullying because obviously the schools do not do enough to help our children stay safe...

  104. I'm writing all the way from Florida. My heart aches for such an obviously one of a kind, beautiful young lady and her loved ones. There are no words to describe such unfortunate circumstances. I pray for her soul and keep hope that she's found a place of peace and happiness. I pray for this angel's loved ones, my condolences to you all. I'm so sorry for your lost. Although a total stranger to you all, my heart aches terribly. May she rest and encounter happiness for eternity.

  105. My heart goes out to the entire Cummings family. Such a sad,senseless tragedy. Wishing you comfort and the strength to move foward. Keeping you all in my prayers, Amanda too that she may now finally be at peace.

  106. This just blows me away. The fact that such a gorgeous little girl was bullied like this makes me extremely nervous for my kids. They haven't started school yet and I keep seeing these stories left and right. It makes me sick. I have officially decided to home school my children. No child should have to endure such bullying, you go through enough as it is in high school... It's still so shocking that this girl was picked on for any reason! This group of girls were obviously extremely jealous of her, but the fact that they had the gall to talk shit on her Facebook page while she was fighting for her life constitutes punishment to the extreme. Girls like this deserve serious prison time. They will get their cummupance, believe that.
    God Bless you Amanda and RIP. You were obviously not only a beautiful girl but a beautiful soul and God felt it was time to bring you home! Please watch over all other girls that are going through the same thing you did and give them the strength to carry on. Amen.

  107. I already commented before. My questions to the tormentors who posibly saw this blog. And is the same way I closed my latest blog entry on my blog "Victor Space: BULLYING: A society of insecurity" also on blogspot
    We possibly lost a poet, the hottest artist yet, the scientist who would discover the cure to many illnesses, a great mother. But we would never know because you though it was ok to make her short life a missery. Are you happy now? Would you live at peace knowing you indirectly killed somebody? 30 years from now you will have a 15 year old who could possibly be bullied. How would that make you feel? Karma is a $#$# and kids end up paying for the parents when it comes to bullying. Are you happy? Did it worth it? I guess you have your answers and I hope you can have a long life and never forget Amanda. Is her time to bully you now because your concience if you have some, will haunt you. YES I'M mad, is ridiculous that our teenagers are becoming killers, it's crazy that our teenagers are taking their own life thank to some animals who know nothing.

  108. Dear Family of Amanda: I read her story online, someone had sent me the link. I want to tell you how very deeply saddened I am that this has happened to Amanda. I can see the sensitivity in her face. She is beautiful and I am sure she was soulfully beautiful in life. The cyber bullying problem needs to be brought under control. I wish you all the success in future endeavors to help ensure this will not happen to another young girl or boy. God Bless you all.